J Prabhakar In-house Artist

J. Prabhakar or JP, as he is known among the Tamil artist fraternity and social service forums is a popular artist and a social worker. Well known for his sketches of temple architecture, sketches of the presiding deities and portraits of great leaders , he is largely influenced by the style of the renowned artist Silpi. He is an entirely self-taught artist and has held several independent shows at Lalitha Kala Academy. His main area of interest is temple architecture and has travelled far and wide documenting various cultural palates and spiritual panaroma of India.

JP believes that ‘seva’ (the spirit of service) is the undercurrent that runs deep in the Indian vein and breaks regional, social, linguistic and economic barriers, connecting peoples across country. With this in mind, he established ’NDSO - Networking and Developing Centre for Service Organisations', which acts as a hub for almost 1000 NGO’s across Tamil Nadu and neighboring states. He is collaborating with various stakeholders in the village of sengalipuram to pilot an integrated, community-owned approach to rural development.