10th anniversary of Ignite

Ignite celebrated it's 10th Anniversary in the month of December, 2016. What an incredible journey it has been!

Testimonial of Sapna
Ignite Testimonial

With an ingenious environment, world class guidance and real life project experience, ignite nourishes us with all the necessary skills to be at the leading edge. It also requires sincerity, dedication, hard work and most importantly the zeal to succeed.

Technology at Ignite
Ignite Space

Be welcomed by a state-of-the-learning learning space. This elegant environment will surely inspire you to learn, understand, explore and grease the wheels of your career cart.

Incubator projects at Ignite
Incubator Projects

Learning by doing is the driving force behind the incubator projects in Ignite. Innovation is the process of turning ideas into manufacture-able and marketable form. Ignite is a place where ideas turn into innovations.